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Black Is Beautifully Made: Who Am I And Why I Created This Blog

My Outfit @ Martins Wedding

My name is Prince Anthony Ikechukwu, but you can call me IykAnthony for short. I am a victim of racism. Since I travel a lot because of the nature of my business I am regularly faced with this same racism problem from time to time. On many occasions I was mistreated in foreign lands and my only crime was being black which is not my fault. I have been racially abused several times and have been called a monkey on some occasions.

In all of this I never shivered, I have received worst treatment in my own country just because I come from a tribe the ruling tribe thinks is inferior. Most Nigerians are tribalistic, the politicians are using this tribal thing to loot our common wealth.

There is no amount of racism or tribalism that can shake me as a person because I know that I am wonderfully made by God. So I have decided to channel all of my experiences to create this blog, so that other black people from around the world will learn from me.

I want to teach, encourage, inspire and motivate people. It doesn't really matter whether you are black, a coloured person or whatever, I am NOT racist, I do not rate or judge people based on tribe, religion or skin colour. I am someone that believes in unity in diversity. I love travelling and meeting new people and I love people from every religion and race. I dislike racists; I believe they are ignorant and myopic. I am not perfect so I believe that we all can learn from each other using this platform. We all have life stories, don’t we?

I am an entrepreneur, I mostly import goods from Asia and Europe which I resell in Nigeria and Ghana with plans to expand into other African countries/regions. Despite my very busy schedule, I have decided to follow my passion which is Social blogging with niche on the BLACK RACE. I am a social blogger and relationship counsellor.

What I want to be?

Over the years I have come to realise that the black race has a very big fundamental problem. Both black Africans in Africa and our African American brothers, including blacks in the Caribbean etc. I have come to realise that we are all the same people, with the same mindset, we are the most judgemental set of people on earth, most of us are self-hating, self serving, egoistic, tribalistic, materialistic, proud, arrogant and self-centred. Instead of finding ways to fix our numerous problems we like to complain, complain complain. We have been complaining for centuries without any result, I think we need to come together to find a lasting solution to our problems.

BLACKS Worldwide MUST come together and work together. We have been doing it alone over the years and it is not working, its time to come together BROTHERS. Its time to pull our resources together. Africa is the next frontier, the continent needs lots of investments, and when you look around you all the tourists and investors are all Asians, Europeans and Americans. Our African American brothers are no where to be found, it pains me a lot.

Here in Africa there is no love, we hate and kill each other, we derive joy in pulling our brothers down which is a very bad thing and this is one of the reasons we are not growing.

Many African nations prefer to do business with Asians and Europeans than with their African neighbours.

Every African country believes they are better than the other. Every African tribe believes they are superior and better than the other tribes. This is the main reason Nigeria has refused to neither grow nor develop. We are the most tribalistic people on earth, we call each other all sorts of names, yet we cry when the white man calls us monkey. In reality we call each other worst names than monkey. I come from the streets; I will say things the way they are without mincing words. Even in marriage we discourage our people from marrying people from certain tribes we think are inferior to us. This is self hate, its a shame.

In Southern Africa the Black South Africans enjoy killing fellow Africans, Don’t forget that many African countries, especially Nigeria fought with everything within its power to give Black South Africans the freedom they are enjoying today.

In the USA African American hate black Africans, they say we sold them into slavery, a crime they say can never forget. This is one of the things that motivated me to create this blog. I know its serious crime and totally wrong to sell someone into slavery but truth remains that we cannot do anything about this injustice. Why worry about something you cannot change? To me its wrong to judge my generation with the sins of our forefathers. Most African Americans are either Christians or Muslims, both of these two religion teaches LOVE? Lets not forget about the Irish slaves, nobody seems to be talking about those ones. Also lets not forget how the JEWS were slaughtered in millions by Adolf Hitler, but immediately after the war the JEWS moved on with their lives and today the JEWS are among the most educated, most successful and richest people on the surface of the earth. How can we progress if we cant forgive and forget? Instead of whining, complaining and cursing all the time, why cant we make the most out of the situation we found themselves.

I love Black Americans with passion and most Africans do and on behalf of Africans I want to say sorry. Sorry my brothers and sisters, from the bottom of my heart sorry that our forefathers sold you into slavery. Sorry that you lost your history and identity. I honestly wish that I could give it back. Please forgive and forget.

Our forefathers did it out of ignorance, some of them were forced and were put in situations they couldn't do anything about. Whatever the situation is, the deed was done ages ago, its time to move on brother. Its time to forget about the past. Its time to stop hating, carrying so much hate will take one to hell fire. How do you feel when you hate someone and still go to church? Who are you deceiving?

Just like the biblical Joseph, you are better off than Africans in Africa. I can tell you, 70% of black Africans in Africa will do anything to be American citizen.

I want to travel to Black American communities and preach LOVE and UNITY.

I want to be a preacher, someone who leads a movement of motivated black people who broke barriers to be who they wanna be.

I want to inspire, to teach, to propel the BLACK populace to believe and practice LOVE and all that it offers

I want to be that man that convinced blacks all over the world to come together, pull resources together so as to develop Africa.

I want to be able to convince our black brothers and sisters in America, The Caribbean etc to INVEST in Africa because Africa is hungry for investment. Nigeria has one of the highest returns on investments worldwide. If Nigeria is not good choice for you you can try Ghana, and if West Africa is not good for you then try East Africa or Southern Africa.

I want to convince African Americans to visit Africa and feel Africa physically instead of believing every bulshit the western media is showing you. Not every African is poor or living with some diseases. There are so many millionaires and billionaires in Africa. Not every African lives in the bush or desert, I have never seen a lion or elephant before except in the zoo.

I want to be a NAME that will EVOKE LOVE, COMPASSION, and MOTIVATION

How will I achieve this?

I will continue to talk about BLACK HISTORY and SLAVERY, by writing – Content and Story telling.

I will continue to travel, document and blog about Racism against the black race.

I have and will continue to help the less privileged as much as I can.

To give a voice to the less fortunate, to inspire, MOTIVE and ENCOURAGE.

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